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What we do

Ideal for breaking the ice at company and networking events
A great way to add fun, interest and impact to a client or customer occasion
Brilliant team building and reward for your staff
We offer a bespoke tutored tasting experience designed around your needs

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Gin: from Mothers Ruin to Craft Revolution

Your group will get a comprehensive and fun tutored tasting to introduce the amazing colourful history and flavours of that most quintessentially English spirit Options from 4-10 gins with focus on a wide variety of styles and stories.

Distinguished Drams: a tasting introduction to whisky

This popular tasting can be designed to suit your group: from beginners to whisky fans, we love to introduce everyone to everything from single malts, Irish Pot Still Whiskey, cask strength to the new cool boutique blends and grains. US Whiskey can be introduced too.

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Blind Bubbles Tasting Session: Everyone loves bubbles

Either for fun or for prizes, we can divide your guests into small groups and lead them through a selection of mystery sparkling wines:Everythinf from grand Marc to growers Champagnes, Prosecco’s, Cremants and English Sparklers.
Great for getting conversation flowing, the teams are asked to describe, rate and then guess the identity of the wines they are tasing…ahead of the big reveal.
We have plenty of options for different lengths and costs for your event, this is great for groups of 10 to 100.

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